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¿How to get there?

Arriving from France or Girona:

From France on the A7, exit "El Vendrell", Exit 31, and continue on the A16 towards Barcelona, exit "Segur de Calafell" and take the road C246 towards Barcelona (you will be in the Av. Barcelona). Continue for 300 m. at 1st set of traffic lights (roundabout where Cunit starts, supermarket "SUMA"), turn right across the main road and go downhill on the left towards the Av. Mediterrani towards "Urb. Can Torrents" continue for 150 m. and at the end of the crossroad turn right, leaving the Av. del Mditerrani you will find a small square with a phone cabine. Opposite is the Masia Torrents.

Arriving form Spain: If you come form Spain inside, leave A7 in El Vendrell, exit 31 and continue like if you come from France.



 Cunit - Segur de Calafell (Tarragona - Spain) - Costa Dorada

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